The Peruvian-American Community (COPEA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to academic objectives. On February 18, 2005, in Boston, Massachusetts, a group of Peruvian professionals created COPEA due to the lack of a representative organization for the community. COPEA was founded to address the needs of the community and to join the Peruvians and Americans of New England to become a collaborative force in the community.

Our principal motivation was to serve the Peruvians and fellow Latin-Americans by creating orientation programs, immigration services, and education programs. The Board of Directors of COPEA are professionals in diverse fields who have volunteered their knowledge, skills, experiences, and efforts to help the community.

COPEA is the first Peruvian organization to have an Education Institute, located at 427 A Broadway Suite 2, Everett, MA 02149, where free English, Spanish, Computer and Peruvian Dance classes are offered. COPEA is an independent and private organization and does not receive financial help from the State or Federal Government. On December 1st the Board of Directors created the Training Center. COPEA works with volunteers motivated by their will and dedication to serve the community.

Another of COPEA’s objectives is to promote the music and art of Andean culture in the community. These efforts have been supported by Inca Son, one the most internationally recognized Andean Musical groups, directed by our Cultural Director, Cesar Villalobos Leyba. The Center also gives dance lesson in the Peruvian Dances of Marinera, Valicha, Santiago, and Huaylas.

COPEA is also dedicated to teach the children of its members to learn the Spanish language and culture of Peru. These efforts are supported by Maximo Torres, Olga Lattarulo, and Andy Zagastizabal, who teach Spanish at the Center.

COPEA offers free health and immigration clinics, and give classes on issues such as Domestic Violence, Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, AIDS, Obesity, and more. These classes are given by professionals and specialists in the field. Our organization is continually growing as more and more Peruvians immigrate to the United States and become members of our organization and participate in our programs.


COPEA’s objective is to achieve our academic objectives, maintain free health and immigration clinics, and offer various classes on issues such as obesity, AIDS, alcoholism, drug addiction, domestic violence, etc. COPEA also aims to promote the Peruvian art and music through COPEA’s dance classes and cultural events.


COPEA’s goal is to continue offering quality academic services to the community at no cost. COPEA also wishes to expand its academic services to the entire community of different backgrounds.


We are an academic institution that serves the community. We offer free classes in English and Spanish language, computer classes and dance classes. We proudly celebrate each year the Independence Day of Peru with the participation and support of the City Hall of Boston, MA, and a GALA Dinner with various artistic and musical presentations. Each year COPEA recognizes various Professionals, Leaders in the Community, and Leaders of Latin America and the United States who have shown great support and leadership in the community.


Executive Director: Dr. Olga Lattarulo

President: Max Torres

Vice President: Ricardo Delgado

Director General: Carlos Apostle.

Director of Culture: Cesar Villalobos L.

Director of Education: Guadalupe Menendez

Director of Finances: Gladis Becerra

Director of the Press: Andrew Lattarulo

Director of Community Services: Marta Chea

Director of Sports: Victor Ramirez

Alternates: Jay Rosenzwaig & Debra Cerundolo

Director of the Training Center COPEA: Carlos Apostle

Director of the School of Folkloric Dances: Doris Hicks
General Coordinator of Festivities: Flor D. Torres
Manager of Disaster Relief in Peru: Andrew Lattarulo